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Brief rules on how the shelter works

-There is no WIFI, talk to each other.

-Dinner is usually at 8:00 pm, except when indicated by the warden or if there is more than one sitting.

Dinner is served at one sitting, and due to the capacity in the dining room and kitchen, you may need to share your table with strangers. Don’t worry, you can always talk about the routes you have done that day, and maybe make some new friends along the way; they don’t usually bite!

The kitchen is in a mountain refuge at 2000m altitude and 4 hours walk from a car. It is not a restaurant. We hope you understand the difference.

We have special menus for dietary regimes and intolerances, but do not leave it to tell us when you sit down at the table, the cook can be bad tempered!

-Water in The Picos is limited, and showers too. They are time-limited work by a system of tokens.
50 meters below, at the spring, it flows fresh, cold and free (Emergency Services do not attend cases of hypothermia in August).

-We get electricity for the major part from solar panels if the sun shines … This does not make us a power station.

Mobile phones can be charged. We do not have microwave ovens, and best leave the hairdryer at home.

-The carriage of materials is done by helicopter (paid for by us) or by mules (who eat) or on our own backs.

If something seems expensive we understand; it is not obligatory to consume it. See above regarding the spring.

-If you get up very early please leave everything prepared by the lockers the night before to minimise noise in the morning.

In the morning people are short tempered as a rule, and rustling plastic bags do not help.

-In the dining room we have a very nice and cozy wooden floor that we had a very hard time bringing up here, and installing.

We are not responsible for our actions towards those brave enough to come in wearing their boots and wielding hiking poles.

If you want to download the complete regulations:  REGLAMENTO USO REFUGIO DIEGO MELLA