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Pablo Sedano Galán Pablo Sedano – The titled Warden of the shelter. He has been in Collado Jermoso since 2008. He holds the title of “Mountain Refuge Warden” from the University of Toulouse (France), is a guide at the level of Mountain Leader (guía de media montaña), electrician, as well as having knowledge in plumbing and renewable energy. Interests include cross-country skiing, mountaineering, climbing … a mountain lover from a young age.
Alberto (Tuko) Alberto Muiño (Tuko) – Warden. A veteran compared to Pablo. Specialist in jobs involving difficult vertical work, and a lover of climbing, a madman on the climbing walls, and very handy in the kitchen! He has prepared and repaired a large number of routes in the area.
Gonzalo Sánchez Herrero Gonzalo Sánchez –  Chef of Collado Jermoso since 2013. Chef by profession, mechanic, renewable energies technician, and Mountain Leader (guía de media montaña). In his spare time he devotes himself to what he likes: caving and cave-diving.
Ernesto Carrera Calleja Ernesto Carrera – Mining engineer by profession, mid-mountain guide and potholer. He has been in charge of maintaining the shelter since 2014. qualified in Occupational Risk Prevention and has a smattering of mechanics, building and woodworking; some of his works can be seen In the shelter.
Kris Montero Kris Montero – Audiovisual and Web Communications Designer by profession. She has been working in Collado Jermoso since 2011 and previously managed a hostel in Asturias. Lover of ice climbing, cross-country skiing and caving. In her spare time, she dedicates a lot of time to crafts, especially leather work.


Palanca y Amuesa – Since 2013 they have been an essential part of Jermoso. These are our two most valuable carriers. Two lovely 4 × 4 mules. Amuesa a bit more skittish, but incredibly faithful and Palanca who is a total sweetheart. Everybody loves them.

Nuestras mulas Palanca y Amuesa



Esto no sería posible sin la ayuda de todos aquellos que han estado y están a nuestro lado. A cada uno de ellos agradecerles siempre todo su apoyo y cariño.
¡Muchas gracias chicos!

PD: Seguiremos añadiendo más fotos, según las vayamos encontrando. De algunos que han dejado también su grano de arena en este proyecto no tenemos fotos. Siempre les estaremos igual de agradecidos por todo.


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