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D+ 1150m
Hours: 4h
Difficulty: Medium

We start the route behind the hotel Parador in Fuente Dé. We enter a woodlabd where we will see a sign that indicates the way to Vega de Liordes.

We cross the forest and start ascending by “la canal del Embudo” along a winding road which will avoid a 900m climb to get to “los Tornos de Liordes” and the pass.

Once we reach the hill, you can see “la Vega de Liordes”, covered with pastures for livestock and surrounded by mountains, among which is “Torre del Hoyo de Liordes” (2,474m). The well worn path runs along the right side of the hole almost horizontally, until ending in a hill after which the western massif begins to appears with “Peña Santa” in the background.

Once through the Vega de Liordes, we arrive at “Collado de la Padierna” where we will ascend by “Sedo de la Padierna”. Along the way we can see that below we have “Lago Beajero” and “La Canal de Sotín”. At the end of Sedo de la Padierna we come to the basin of “Lago Cimero” which, although it cannot be seen, is on our right. And before us we will have the imposing “Llambrión”, the beginning of a beautiful crenelation that runs towards the right in the direction of “Tiro Casares” and to its left has the beginning of “Las Colladinas”, which is where we now go.

We follow the ascent by the first of the Colladinas, reaching the highest point of the route (2,180m), where we will have an impressive view of the “Torre del Friero” (2.445m). We head along the marked path that runs under the wall on the right and having passed two of the hills, we can see before us the refuge and in the background the western massif, with  “Peña Santa” (2,596m).

From there the route begins to descend progressively without losing sight the refuge at any time.