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D+ 1200m
Hours: 4h – 5h
Difficulty: high


In Cordiñanes (850m) we take “La Rienda” towards the NE, a path carved in the rock with a daring route that takes us to “ la Canal de La Sotín”, losing sight of the village in “Canto La Rienda” with “Pica Castro” to our left the and to the right “El Porracho”. Soon, we go into “El Paso de Alfredo” in the beech wood of “El Hayedo de La Sotín”, which we will cross diagonally – it is marked by a cairn – and we ascend over a zone of red earth known as “Cuesta Roberquera”, arriving at “Vega de la Sotín” (1,450m). Three channels reach this location by its North slope: Congosto, Honda and Solano.

The first and most eastern is the scree slope that forms the water of the spring at Jermoso and is practically impassable in the lower part. The other two converge in a single boulder field at the beginning of La Vega. We climb, zig-zagging by the boulder field, heading North. And after a few meters climbing there are two possibilities: Continue without turning, going into the “Canal Honda”, which is all boulders, OR, before entering “Canal Honda” go to the left by the path and, before reaching “Collado Solano” (1,621m) turn to “Saliente”, cross “El Berón” which is the channel that forms the “Torre de Llaz” (2,139m) and “Torre Jermosa” (2,110m), and then pass above “Canal Honda”.

The second route, whilst longer, is easier and recommended. In both cases  we ascend via various green outcrops beneath the slopes of “Torre Jermoso” until we reach the top of “Travessos de Congosto” and descend to the “Argayo de Congosto”. We have to cross, and climb a section of the “Argayo” keeping it to our left. We pass through a tight stretch until we catch sight of the “Jermoso” waterfall. Below this we pass to the opposite slope to gain access to the path that goes from the the refuge to the spring.

On this route we only find drinking water in Cordiñanes, and a little before reaching the refuge. In Springtime also in “Vega de Sotín” under “Argallo Congosto”